Supplying Your Own Fabric

The Lavenham With Sofa Leg

Please make sure you have included your name, address and telephone number plus details of the stool you require.

Fabric should preferably be fire retardant and suitable for the purpose. We do use fire retardant calico as a liner and all foam used meets current British fire regulations.

Please indicate clearly which side of the fabric you want uppermost: some fabrics are reversible and occasionally customers prefer the pattern on the underside.

Dimensions given in the chart are the minimum size required. If your fabric has a stripe or pattern you may need to send a larger piece so that the design looks symmetrical and/or centred.

Think about which direction you would like any stripes to go and include instructions.

If your fabric has a large pattern or picture which needs to be centred, please measure your fabric from the centre and allow extra fabric if necessary. Please also mark with a pinned note which part of the design you wish to be placed in the centre.

If you have chosen a buttoned stool we will match the pattern on the buttons to the pattern on the body of the stool as accurately as we can. You may need to allow extra fabric for this.

Any unused fabric of reasonable size will be returned to you with your stool.

If you have any questions please contact us prior to sending your fabric.

Minimum Size of Fabric Required in Millimetres

STOOL TYPE 700 x 700mm 1100 x 450mm 1000 x 600mm
LAVENHAM 1750 x 1370mm 2500 x 1370mm 1000 x 600mm
SOUTHWOLD 2000 x 1370mm 2750 x 1370mm 2500 x 1370mm
YOXFORD 1700 x 1370mm 2200 x 1000mm 2000 x 1100mm
BLYTH 1240 x 1370mm 1640 x 1000mm 1540 x 1140mm
ALDEBURGH 1200 x 1370mm 1750 x 1000mm 1500 x 1370mm
BROOKE 750 x 550mm
BROOKE –BUTTONED 800 x 600mm